U7 Yellow

Time flies really fast and I can’t believe it is already the end of the season. The players of Wahroonga FC U7 Yellow Team had a wonderful season together. For many of them, it is their first year of playing soccer and they learned so much from it. I can see everyone improved so much in their soccer skills. At the beginning of the season they don’t know how to kick the ball properly or even which goal they should attack in the games, but at the last few games of the season, they showed greats skills of dribbling, turning and shooting. It is exciting to see them even learnt passing the ball to each other and worked together as a team. More importantly, for our young players they learnt how to face challenges and failures and how to respect their opponents.

Tomi is a very creative player with some impressive way of controlling the ball and shooting the goal. He is a very fast runner and always tries his best to chase after the ball.
always shows great passion for soccer whenever doing the training or during the game. He is strong, fast and very good at tackling.
improved so much during the season. She learnt that kicking the ball with the inside part of the foot is better than using the toe. She is always trying to support her team mates during the game.
Kevin is the top goal scorer in the team, and he learnt that passing the ball and making good opportunities for team mates is more important for the team.
Darshan is the youngest player in the team, but he is certainly one of the fastest players in the team and among the top goal scorers. You can see him everywhere during the all the games.
Although James is not the fastest or the strongest in the team, he is never afraid of taking challenges or facing bigger players.
Leiya is a wonderful player who is always smiling. She enjoys playing soccer very much and made a few goals in the season.
Angus wasn’t a big fan for soccer at the beginning of the season, but he showed greater and greater interest in the training and certainly enjoyed playing soccer throughout the season.
Henry is fearless and fast, which makes him a good striker and defender. He knows how to position himself to make a goal or stop the opponents’ attack.
Jeromy has a good sense of soccer. He is fearless and fast. He is a good thinker and knows how to get away from the crowd and find a good position not surrounded by defenders.
I would also like to thank our team coach, Hamish, who spent a lot of time and energy on team coaching and making sure the kids enjoy the game. I would also thank all the parents and grandparents who supported our team either by taking them to the trainings, cheering for their children or volunteering being the referees during the games.
Hope our young players keep playing in the summer and meet again soon in the next season.

Team Manager
George Guo