The G14 Tigers have had a really strong season and have continued to develop their football skills under the coaching of Harrison and Lyall. 

The past two games against the two top ranked teams have been fabulous to watch and the skills displayed by all of the players has been a delight to watch.

Special mention - Last weekend’s game also welcomed back Kelly Hegarty who has been unable to play for the past 10 weeks since suffering a fractured toe against North Sydney on 15 May. Since being injured Kelly has shown incredible team spirit by continuing to attend training and game days to support her team mates, well done Kelly!

Player of the Rounds

Congratulations to the most recent player of the rounds (photos courtesy of Christine and Rachel!)

Round 9 - Ciara Murray and Mia Currie

Round 10 - Shaniece Antoon

Round 11 - Katherine (G12) & Loren (G12)

Round 12 - Emma Sullivan

Round 13 - Charlotte Antoinette

Round 14 - Mia Navratil